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Travel Membership Program

Get a 12 month membership to what we feel is the most incredible Travel Membership program in the country.

This is NOT your typical online travel discount website, where they all offer the same basic discounts and deals.


  • Special Vacation Package Deals – Benefit from saving huge money on your vacation with last minute travel deals.
  • Airfare Discounts – Get Member Discounts on both continental and international flights.
  • Hotel Discounts – Get Member discounts on Hundreds of Thousands of hotels and condo resorts worldwide.
  • Cruise Discounts – Get member discounts on cruises in locations around the world.
  • Vacation Resort Bidding – You can actually bid on the room rates at hundreds of possible available weeks of resort accommodations at over 80 resorts.
  • Weekly Discount Stays – While most hotels and resorts give discounted rates for long term guest. Some hotels and resorts give extra special room rates for as little as a weeklong stay.
  • Worldwide Tours – Get special pricing on some of the most popular tours in the world.
  • Car Rentals –   Get member discounts on car, van, SUV even pickup truck in some locations.

Following is a random selection of hotel comparisons for example purposes only between our Member’s pricing and the top discount travel websotes. Our Member’s price is on the right above the arrow and the popular discount travel websites are shown in the center at the bottom.

These are not meant to be a guarantee of any pricing. Hotel prices change daily and sometimes it can change within minutes. The comparison was done for the days of July 12st to July 14th during prime summer vacation time.

We understand most people take more than 3 days for a vacation, but again it is just for example purposes. In this examle if the person/family took a 10 day vacation their savings would be FIVE times the amount shown.

The Following Is For Example Purposes Only.

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