Affiliate Program

Earn money by sharing this great money savings Membership with friends, family and strangers.

It is real easy to do and you never have to talk to anyone if you don’t want to .

When you sign up as an Affiliate (it’s free to sign up) you will get a specially encoded website link that you can share on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Email it, Text it, etc. Whenever someone clicks on your link they are taken to our website and the Affiliate software tracks their movement on the website. If they sign up as a member, you will automatically get credit for the sale, it’s that simple.  You can even have it printed on a card and hand them out.

As an Affiliate you will also get a FREE back room virtual office (dashboard) that allows you to access your sales and affiliate sign ups and sales 24/7.  You can see the names of the people who signed up and the commissions you earned in real time 24/7.

As an Affiliate you will earn a 35% commission on any individual that pays for a Membership using your Affiliate Link. This is INCREDIBLE, because the average Affiliate commission is 2% to 5%.

We know that not everyone is a great salesperson or knows hundreds or thousands of people, so we have built in a special Affiliate Manager override program. You can build your own team of Affiliates and you will earn a 5% commission on every membership sale made by an affiliate that signed up direct to you through your Affiliate Link (First Level Affiliate). As you can see this is NOT your typical Affiliate program.


It gets better. If the Affiliates that signed up using your Affiliate Link sign up an Affiliate (a First level to them and a Second level Affiliate to you), they will receive the 5% Affiliate Commission, BUT we will also pay YOU the same 5% commission. Which means you will earn the exact same amount of money from the sales of the Affiliates that signed up direct to you using your Affiliate Link as they do on the Affiliates that signed up direct to them using their Affiliated Link.

Personal Membership Sales 35%

First Level Membership Sale Override          5%

Second Level Membership Sale Override     5%

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