Welcome to the Complete Discount Plan where you can save $1,000s a year and make money helping your friends save money.

There are 4 Incredible benefits to the Complete Discount Plan:

1) The Digital Savings Card which can be used at at over 50,000 restaurants nationwide and for Shopping, Golf, Family Fun, Zoos, Theme/Water Parks, Sporting Events, Concerts, Award Shows, Special Events, Conventions and more.

2) An incredible Member’s Discount Travel Program. You can save up to 60% on hotel cost and more over the popular discount travel websites that most people use, plus ave on Cruises, Tours, Condo Resorts, Car Rentals and More.

3) To help jump start your vacation fun, you will receive your choice of a 3 Day, 4 Day All Inclusive Resort or an 8 Day Resort Vacation Certificate. These are NOT time share promotions.

4) A $100 a Month Grocery Savings Program

+ much more!

Not all cities might offer the same discounts




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