Welcome to the VIP Platinum Card Program where you can save $1,000s a year and make money helping your friends save money.

There are 4 categories of potential savings:

1) Dining Discounts at over 50,000 restaurants nationwide (Shopping, Golf, Family fun, Zoos, Services and more)

2) Attractions (Events, Sports, Concerts, Shows and more)

3) Member’s Discount Travel Program

4) $500 a year Grocery Savings Program

+ much more!

Not all cities might offer the same discounts




Image credits: Disney World – Alyssa Eakin, Grocery Store – Nathália Rosa, Restaurant –  Priscilla Du Preez, Shopping – Clark Street Mercantile, Golf – Mick De Paola, Zoo – Nikolay Tchaouchev, Go karts – SLR Lounge, Car repair =  Laurel and Michael Evans, Taxes – Kelly Sikkema, Hari salon – billow926

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